Championship Hockey School 2013
Ages 8-12

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Monday August 12 - Friday August 23, 2012

$240.00 per week   2:00 - 4:00 pm   Ages 8-12

The Squirt/Peewee hockey school will provide two hours of ice time daily. This year's curriculum will stress drills and instruction that will improve individual skills in the areas of skating, shooting and stick-handling. Also the school will be geared toward expanding the student's knowledge of team play, strategy, and checking skills.

The players will be divided into two equal teams for the last day of the week and participate in a regulation game to exhibit their progress. These activities coupled with a limited enrollment will provide each player with the opportunity to learn the basic and fine points of hockey from New England's finest coaches and also the opportunity to produce these skills under game conditions.

POWER SKATING sessions will be incorporated into the program on a regular basis.
PURPOSE: To develop the skating speed of all skaters; to develop the length of the power stroke of each leg; to develop the skating form with the use of the knees and not the hips which allows longer periods of time without tiring; to develop smoothness of stride along with complete balance; finally, to develop the power stroke of each leg for backward skating which is lacking in all American born skaters.
OBJECTIVES: To have every student understand the basic principles which will allow him to become a more accomplished skater. All skaters should be able to improve their speed and endurance time on the ice no matter what ability they have to begin with.

Students will be placed in groups according to their ability in relationship to the rest of school's enrollment.

Exact school times will be announced upon completion of registration.



A championship Hockey School jersey will be awarded to each student registered for the regular school by Aug 1, 2013   (one shirt per skater regardless of weeks registered)
A $50.00 Deposit is required with each application.
Goalie scholarships will be available through a drawing on Aug. 1, 2013.

Larry Abbot or Paul Powers - 781-233-3666

Please contact us by phone at 781-233-3666
or email us at if you are interested also.

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